Happiness is- ‘You Loves your Job’

Everyone has their own area of interest and whenever you jump into that then you should try to reach at the TOP.

There would be thousands of reasons for you to love your job but when we realize that our job rocks then it makes a boost to your happiness…

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Professional or Hobbyist?

Suzie Speaks

A few years ago, during a night out, I was introduced to a man in his early twenties that was the school acquaintance of a friend. During the general polite conversation that followed I asked him what he did for a living, to which he replied, “I’m a photographer.” I immediately found the subject interesting (I love photography) and started asking him lots of questions – what his main points of interest were, who he worked for, how he got into it – and after a few minutes it became evident that he wasn’t a photographer at all. In truth, he was a barman with a good camera who liked taking photographs. I was a little confused (and slightly insulted) by the fact that this man had ‘bent the truth’ in an attempt to appear more successful or creative – I’ve done plenty of bar work over the years and…

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Google Needs You… Well Your Face Mostly

Marketing Topics: Present and Future

Google has indeed done it again. They want to make their users the centerpiece for pulling in profits from advertisers. Known in Google+ profiles as, “Shared Endorsements”, Google makes use of your likeness in advertising to your friends. They want to personalize the way advertisements are shown to your friends. With the use of your photo in the version of the ad that your friend sees, in addition to what you rated the product, will indeed increase the impact of whether or not your friend will engage with the ad.

Facebook similarly instilled this tactic with their sponsored stories campaign. However, the ads ended in a class action lawsuit to where Facebook ended up with a $20 million settlement and had to further clarify their privacy settings. Google saw the promise in utilizing this type of social marketing connection, and has done it in a way that they can avoid…

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#MyEnglishBlog: who likes or dislikes it

English 110: Critical Reading & Writing

Over time, there has been a good amount of information written about blogs as sources of information and communication. However, there has never been a lot of information gathered about what actually is in the blogs. Paul Andre, Michael S Bernstein, and Kurt Luther teamed together and wrote “Who Gives A Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content Value,” an article specifying the content that is actually in blogs and came up with interesting results.

In class we have spoken about how there is a new active culture that participates and actually aids in creating and sharing work. Microblogging is part of this movement.

To find out what is the content how do users react to it, Bernstein, Luther, and Andre created web side called Who Gives A Tweet (WGAT) “that delivers anonymous feedback from followers and strangers in exchange for rating tweets” (1). Here, users would rate if its worth reading or…

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How Much Is Too Much?

English 110: Critical Reading & Writing

Today’s technology has completely changed the way our society operates. In many ways this is positive; technology has made it much easier to stay connected to people and has given us many forms of entertainment. Cell phones, televisions, cameras, and iPods, among many other devices, are all a vital part of our everyday lives. However, they are not and should not take over our lives.

In her essay published in the Huffington Post, “When Children Text All Day, What Happens To Their Social Skills?”Katherine Bindley discusses her fears for future generations because of their reliance on technology. Bindley quotes Melissa Ortega, a child psychologist at New York’s Child Mind Institute, when discussing how many kids “don’t know how to handle conflict face to face because so many things happen through some sort of technology.” When they are confronted with an issue face-to-face, kids will resort to pulling out…

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